Sunday, August 03, 2014

Juli arrives...England / France / Belgium / Bel-Air

It's a long story, but I don't think she got on particularly well with the onboard navigation.

First job is to put the trampoline up while Juli sleeps.

What next?

Hollie finds the instructions. 

Anna-Belle with the long bendy poles. 

All done! 

A quiet spot for David. 

Catching up. It's the Flinns last day. 

 Water pistol time.

Four people in conversation.

 Eileen's friend.

Grass snake that David teased the kids with.

David introduces the kids to the tree house he made.

Danny doesn't think Emmaleigh can make it.

David also introduces Crockett to the tree house.

And it can't get down. 

She makes it to the top. 

 Bobbie catching bubbles.

 David giving them their marching orders.

Katy and Joseph. 

 Trapping mum under the chute.

David with his injured foot. 

 Hollie being quiet (but not for long).

Crockett and Aimee reading.

Portrait of isn't our cat but it's been around here for a few weeks and we don't know who it belongs to.

 Juli removing a splinter from her mum's foot.


Emm won (just!) 

Crockett and me enjoying a snooze this afternoon.


  1. Ken, your grass snake is in fact a very nice Slow-worm...
    nice to see!
    It is a lizard rather than a snake...
    but drank too much and is now legless...

  2. Thanks, Tim.I'll tell the kids it wasn't a snake (they'll be disappointed)...or perhaps I'll just tell them it was a rare killer lizard :)