Saturday, July 27, 2013

Feeling at home

Although we have the internet, the signal is too weak for my studio. I have to come into the living room to get online.  As you can see, we are settling in. We have furniture, a good French book, a fire that we don't use at the moment, and a small vegetable garden. We are current'y working on the bread oven which was completely overgrown and dangerous.

Bev is proud of her courgettes.

The Bread Oven...slightly over-grown.

And looking dangerous.

 The back with the stack dismantled and back of the fire exposed. It took days to get rid of the bramble and ivy and just a few hours to dismantle the stack and stone at the back of the fire...thanks to the help from David and Robin.


  1. You must excuse my ignorance--what is a courgette? I love the bread oven!

  2. Your living room looks very comfortable. It would be a pleasure to sit there and swerve the web!! ;o)

  3. That's a lovely room.
    Glad to hear (from the previous post) that you are having "the time of your lives".

  4. Hi Randi
    it's from the same family as cucumber, squash and melon...very quick to grow.

    Hi GaynorB...the computer is too low for comfort. I've got it on a stool at the moment, which is much better.

    Hi Jean...yes, it's a good size. We've always had a smallish living room, but always wished for a larger one. This one is 21'x20' and we're very happy with it...and with life in general.

  5. A courgette is a zucchini! Hi ken... Progress on bread oven is looking fantastic! Are the flinns spoiling you peaceful summer??

  6. Guess you would have got ahead with most things by now...bread oven too!