Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lord Help Us

After working and paying into the system all our lives, this is what one of our privileged peers has to contribute. My blood temperature rises and is in danger of erupting. Lord, help us...because this one won't.


  1. Good grief.
    I already have to work for two years longer than I expected before I get my state pension - which means that there is no position here for a younger person, by the way - and having worked flat out for 40 years have contributed handsomely towards it. By the time I retire I will be more than ready for it, quite exhausted in fact, as my job has, like so many people's, become harder not easier as the years go by.

    I spend a lot of time dealing with people who have never contributed anything (although I'm not saying they wouldn't prefer to be in work, given the chance). Maybe they should be the ones required to contribute their time to retain their benefits, not the ones who have been already propping up the system all their working lives.

    I notice that lots of the comments on the article mention that many retired people already do voluntary work of some kind, which is my experience. But in any case I find the article insulting and outrageous. Working people are already squeezed so hard that they almost pop, how much more can we take ??

    The whole benefit system is insane. If they sorted it out properly we would not be in such a mess.

  2. I smiled while reading sound as incensed as I was. Just wait until they start to tax holiday homes abroad :)