Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Centre Stage

The film crew arrived just as MIL came back totally confused. She went to catch a bus for her hospital appointment but returned within 10 minutes wondering why she had my house keys and where she was going. I calmed her down while the crew prepared to film. After they are gone I'll drive her to the hospital. I guess this marks the time when she no longer can travel on her own. She'll be upset at losing this part of her independence.

The crew are here to film one of their delivery and collection procedures (Currys Knowhow). It's a mock scenario for TV and training which I agreed to because it was my son who organised it.

Poor MIL is crying inside while they are buzzing around's a surreal situation.

She's okay now although feeling acutely aware that she is centre stage again and not liking the experience one little bit. Ash tried to convince her that he was the star of the show today, but she's not convinced.


  1. I didn't get it! What were they filming and what were you doing?

  2. Hi Joy
    A company were filming how they deliver and collect items from the general public using the entrance to our house as the film set. In the midst of it all, my mother in law returned from the bust stop and was confused about everything. She was on her way to a hospital appointment when she decided to come back home. I was trying to accommodate everyone. When the filming finished, I drove her to the hospital. She gets very upset when she appears to be the centre of attention...especially when it relates to her forgetting simple things like where she is going. She wasn't the centre of attention but felt like she was with everyone buzzing around her as she tried to get into the house.