Monday, February 13, 2012

Moving now that Amber's parents in USA are in the know.

Sunderland move on to the next round of the FA Cup. England move on without Fabio and we move on to our 10th Grandchild, Finley James Devine who was born 12:50am and weighed in at 9lbs.

Well done, Sunderland, England and especially Amber.

Oh, and well done you too, Ash!

On a separate note...was Amber and I the only ones who couldn't sleep last night? Actually, I must have, because the dreams were so unbelievably vivid. In all my life I've never had such dreams. I wonder if I should have left the chocolates in the box before retiring? Rather the chocolates and dreams than what Amber had to go through, eh?

Happy days!


  1. Congratulations on the new arrival...your 10th grandchild! Chocolates at night, an absolute no-no...I did learn that !

  2. Congratulations!! What wonderful news :) Love the name - perfect.

    And chocolate and dreams probably are connected. I eat chocolate at night all the time and you should hear about my crazy dreams.

    Enjoy all those precious little ones!!

  3. I've cut out the chocolates and guess what? No more weird dreams.

    Finley has changed so much since this post.