Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Serene has just picked up grandma (my MIL) to help her with her Christmas shopping. She has been so ill of late...especially last night, that I thought it impossible to even think about her going out today.

As she knew what day it was when she woke up, I felt optimistic and, after a hearty breakfast, an insulin jab and her tablets, I closed the door behind them on this wintry but sunny day with the hope she gets my present first:)

I enjoyed the few moments before they left, watching the Christmas tree lights with Spencer as Serene searched for the screw from MIL's glasses which she had just dropped in her part of the house.

Anyway, they are gone now, and I scrambled up the stairs to my studio, grateful for such a caring daughter in law.

As it turns out, my MIL had her purse stolen whilst in town shortly after withdrawing £200 from the bank and Serene, having returned to the scene to make certain all bases were covered, accidentally locked her keys in the car and had to be rescued by her dad who dashed all the way from Mansfield with a spare set.

Sometimes the blessings aren't always apparent when you go the extra mile.


  1. You painted a beautiful picture of love here with your words, Ken.

  2. That's right septembermom...even more so when you see how the story ends.

  3. You're such a caring chap, Ken - it really comes across

  4. "Sometimes the blessings aren't always apparent when you go the extra mile" so well said Ken. Hope the family members also get to enjoy your fine notes

  5. Hi Ken, it's nice to be reading you again.

    In our local Morrisons supermarket, five old ladies every week are targeted by thieves who work in pairs, one distracting them by engaging them in conversation and the other stealing their purses.
    It's despicable, but they're an easy target; trusting and always willing to stop and chat to any nice young person who seems to want to talk to them.
    I hope your MIL was not too traumatised by the incident.

  6. Hi FF
    What a surprise! I've enjoyed reading about what's happening in your life right now. It's good to hear from you again.

    Hi Raj
    Unfortunately my family rarely read my blog...with the possible exception of Juli. The have quite enough of me in real-time:)

    Hi Jean
    That is such a terrible thing to do to the elderly. MIL is still upset and is worried that it might happen again. She is insisting on going to town today on her own and she will be drawing the same amount from the bank. She has her knuckle dusters at the ready:) I'm tempted to follow her but may look suspicious and be arrested:)