Friday, October 07, 2011

The Usher

While on holiday, we attended church with my son and his family. We attend this church whenever we are in the area and count many of the members as good friends.

As we quietly edged our way to two vacant seats right next to my good friends Marie-Jose and Florent Vogel, my son, with his wife and daughter Liliya, sat three rows in front. Liliya was displaying signs of discontent and the usher who I didn't recognise, kindly came forward and offered her a 'quiet book' to play with. It was a thoughtful gesture and I immediately warmed to him.

I noticed Corinne leading the music...she has such style and enthusiasm. I caught her eye and she smiled. Later, she would be coming for dinner with her husband and daughter.

I desperately wanted to talk with Marie-Jose, but to do so would have been irreverent. I glanced around and noticed so many of the people we have grown to love over the last eight years. It was a good meeting and, in the crush afterwards, we never managed to speak with Florent or Marie-Jose. It will be another eight months before we see them again. I think I'll invite them to dinner in May to make certain we get to talk. In the meantime, I'll practise my French.

I later found out that the stranger at the door who was so kind to Liliya,  is head of President Sarkozy's bodyguards. She was obviously in good is President Sarkozy, no doubt.

I love being reminded that a common faith can, and often does, bring so many people together who would, under normal circumstances, never have the opportunity to mix.


  1. a very heartwarming story Ken

  2. Hi Phil
    Thanks. Now, how is the sewing going and have you learned all your lines? I would be terrified at the prospect of doing what you have voluntarily committed yourself to. It's getting closer! Are you worried?

  3. Sorry I have been so busy recently, and so have been unable to visit blogs. I do enjoy catching up with your posts whenever I arrive here, you do write well as well as paint well!

    Best wishes as always Blu :-)

  4. Thank you, Blu...that's a real compliment!